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Isn't it time that your commitment to people and the planet showed up in your marketing?

You already care a lot about the planet. But creating a marketing strategy that makes an impact and profit?
That’s another story...


You know your stuff. 

As a marketer, you either went to school to help businesses market themselves to the general public and are now helping your eco-friendly company market themselves better


You’re a business owner wanting to conserve time and energy (for the planet and yourself!) while marketing your brand. 

The problem is that you might not know where to start.

You’ve got some strategies on how to be more sustainable in your business. Pieced together from different things you’ve read and researched. 

But so much of it is biased, conflicting, and controversial. 

You don’t want to invest resources into something that may turn out to be complete greenwash.

So you dig a little deeper.

Because you know that sustainability goes beyond sticking a recycling bin in your office.

Sustainability = building an ethical, eco-friendly brand

That can withstand the test of time by putting people in front of profit.
That’s what you’re fighting for.

Profit is a pretty important thing. And it’s difficult to promote a brand if that brand has no budget to work with.
As a result, you’ve sacrificed your ideals a bit on the altar of necessity.
You’ve either started attracting bigger clients that aren’t really aligned with sustainability
You’re in an eco-friendly space and haven’t been able to market the way that truly lights you up.

You may even feel guilty about it.
(speaking from experience, here!)

And maybe that’s what’s been stopping you:
The idea that you’re an imposter of some sort because you really do care about the people of this planet and helping the planet flourish
But you haven’t been putting the right effort into it yourself.

And yes. It would have been amazing had you started marketing sustainably the first time around.

But you may not have gotten it right the first time. And you’re not the only one, either.

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55 % of people under 30 say that sustainability is a priority—but only 28% of them have actually made major changes in the last year*

Source: Globe Scan, 2021

You’re in good company.

The internet might tell you that you should have cared about marketing sustainably from week one to speak about it today.

Or that you have to know everything there is to know about it or you’re not really sustainable. You’re just greenwashing.

But the truth is:
If you’re reading this right now, you’re doing more than just talking.

You’re taking steps to put your beliefs of sustainability into action.
And that sustains the planet more than what 30% of the people are doing by just saying they’d like to do it.

Here’s the real reason your marketing strategy isn’t sustainable, yet:

You’re *still* trying to piecemeal bits and pieces of green marketing in with traditional marketing tactics.
But most of your marketing skills are based on a society that subscribes to profit over people. And using them in this market feels sleazy and misaligned.

You’re not just building a business. You’re here to make a lasting impact.

There are so many injustices in the world and our planet is literally on fire right now. It makes composting your coffee cup and grounds feel like a drop of water on a raging fire. But you don’t know where to begin to enact change. Or where you’ll find the resources to do it.

So, when you think about what you’re currently “guilty” of…
…working for clients that aren’t sustainably minded
…using non-renewable resources
…not using your voice to speak up for change loud enough
You feel something that can only be described as Eco-Anxiety.

Because, while you want nothing more than to be the business or person that leads the movement…

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Component 12 – 1
Sustainability isn't cheap.

We don’t always have the luxury of turning away clients that literally keep our lights on. Or the funds from our sales to donate to a cause. No matter how committed you are.
But what if you didn’t have to?

What if the things that you think are keeping you from being a sustainable business are actually sustainable right now?

The world will tell you that you have to have all your ducks in a row before you can market sustainably. That every aspect of your business needs to be sustainable for you to be a sustainable business.

What they won’t tell you is that sometimes the things we think are keeping us from being sustainable, are the very things that allow us to become more sustainable in other areas.

Because here’s the thing:
The clients you work for may not align with your values. But they do pay your bills.
Allowing you to weave sustainable practices into other areas of your business.
Areas that wouldn’t exist if you couldn’t pay your bills.

The world won’t just suddenly start becoming sustainable over night. It happens piece by piece. But you aren’t helping sustainability at all by staying cautious or feeling paralyzed.


A Simple And Sustainable System That Leverages The Time, Energy, And Money You Do Have…
To Make The Biggest Impact Possible

“Before I joined the The Green Marketing Academy, I wondered if the course would be beneficial for me given that I studied and work in marketing. I’m happy to say that it’s been so valuable. It makes me think of different ways of doing things and has given me plenty of ideas of things to update or clarify in my own business.”

-Claire, Owner of The Social Palm


course mockup

Sustainable marketing education for professionals, marketing teams, and business owners looking to grow a profitable and ethically-focused business.

Without compromising their own energy levels.

“This course gave me a voice for the things that matter. It equipped me with lots of technical knowledge which is giving me increased confidence in sharing my expertise with clients and bring about meaningful change in their business.

It’s also strengthened my boundaries in a positive way. It brought me closer to my values and revealed my big WHY which has been lying dormant as untapped potential to create a better future for many of the change-making women I admire.”

-Iulia, Owner of Golden Branch Digital

“This course is designed to inspire and encourage your business or team when it comes to all of the little changes we can make that will amount to a large impact. I loved how accessible it was and how many topics were covered. It opened up so many conversations and allowed my role as a marketer to be even more impactful for others. I 100% attribute my confidence in the course, connections made and knowledge to the fact that I landed my biggest, most aligned client yet!”

-Nicole, Owner of Terra Digital


Michelle Miller

Founder of The Green Marketing Academy and Sustainable Branding & Web Designer

Successful marketing isn’t measured by the number of people who see your emails, ads, or videos.

It’s measured by the impact that it has with your audience.

As a marketer for over 10 years, I’ve seen this first hand. Back in 2013, I managed a $250,000 marketing budget for a corporate company. Most of that budget was spent on wasteful mailers and catalogs with pushy words that went straight into landfills.

What we found when we shifted away from some of these strategies was that we made a greater impact on our customers while saving a good portion of our budget in the process.

So I dug deeper. I discovered that the impact your marketing has with your audience has more to do with how you show up for them than the amount of money you spent bombarding them.

Most corporate marketing puts profit before people. They get rewarded by the number of sales that go through. Regardless of how they make their employees and audience feel in the process. They appeal to the people for the purpose of getting their money. Full stop.

Leading to strategies like greenwashing, ableist messaging, pushy sales tactics, and overworking the people they put in charge of these endeavors until they up and quit because they can’t take it anymore.

I was one of those who quit. I was burnt out of a culture that really didn’t care about me or the planet. And it showed.

So, I built The Green Marketing Academy – the program that promotes marketing sustainably and ethically from the inside, out.

Component 13 – 1

Michelle Miller

Founder of The Green Marketing Academy and Sustainable Branding & Web Designer

Successful marketing isn’t measured by the number of people who see your emails, ads, or videos.

It’s measured by the impact that it has with your audience.

As a marketer for over 10 years, I’ve seen this first hand.

Back in 2013, I managed a $250,000 marketing budget for a corporate company. Most of that budget was spent on wasteful mailers and catalogs with pushy words that went straight into landfills.

What we found when we shifted away from some of these strategies was that we made a greater impact on our customers while saving a good portion of our budget in the process.

So I dug deeper.

And discovered that the impact your marketing has with your audience has more to do with how you show up for them than the amount of money you spent bombarding them.

Most corporate marketing puts profit before people.

They get rewarded by the number of sales that go through. Regardless of how they make their employees and audience feel in the process.

They appeal to the people for the purpose of getting their money. Full stop.

Leading to strategies like greenwashing, abelist messaging, pushy sales tactics, and overworking the people they put in charge of these endeavors until they up and quit because they can’t take it anymore.

I was one of those who quit.

I was burnt out of a culture that really didn’t care about me or the planet.

And it showed.

So, I built The Green Marketing Academy – the program that promotes marketing sustainably and ethically from the inside, out.

The Green Marketing Academy is trusted by…

You need a sustainable strategy that works AND has a positive impact on the planet.

You’re in the right place. The Green Marketing Academy shows you how.

Instead of… 
• Piecemealing what you know about marketing with what you *think* are sustainable practices (but definitely don’t want to be quoted on that)
• Spending all your time and energy working with clients who pay the bills but don’t align with your values
• Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of marketing your eco-friendly business without accidentally greenwashing
• Just using the same old marketing strategies that you know work but feel “off”

Why not create a marketing strategy that…

• Continues to help you attract the right clients for years to come
• Has quick, actionable steps you can use immediately
• Gives you better ways to reach your ideal audience
• Is tailored toward your own energy levels and business needs
• Shows you clear ways to develop and scale your business sustainably
• Gives you a deeper understanding of how you can make more sustainable and ethical marketing decisions
• Doesn’t require you to dish out loads of money for ads

Component 14 – 1
Component 15 – 1
That’s what you’ll do in the Green Marketing Academy.

And this implement-as-you-go marketing strategy might be the “how am I supposed to connect with ideal customers and eco-friendly businesses” solution you’ve been hoping for. 

In short, here’s what you’re getting:

Pre-recorded, do-at-your-own-pace lessons, it’s the whole sustainability package — complete with checklists, templates, community support, coaching calls, and guest speakers— here to save you from your marketing overwhelm and eco-guilt, and guide you through building a sustainable marketing plan from foundational learning, to core values, to that longed-for culmination of “we did it!”…

To “we’re making a difference while making money, THIS WORKS!”

The Green Marketing Academy guides you through:

• Stepping more confidently into your role as a sustainable marketer
• Shifting to a more circular and sustainable model of marketing, as opposed to a quick investment and waste
Protecting your energy—both as a marketing professional and in sustainability
• The ability to measure your impact and hold yourself accountable
Overcoming overwhelm and stress of not knowing where to begin, to feeling at home with a group of like-minded marketers
• Implementing lasting, sustainable change

“I feel empowered by what I have learned and really love that there is a community of like-minded business owners who are genuinely interested in the success of one another.”

-Nadia Soucek, Green Designer

Finally align your eco-conscious values and your marketing, with

The Green Marketing Method

This visual diagram represents our four pillars of learning: People, Planet, Balance and at the intersection of all three: Growth.

Marketing sustainably means prioritizing accessibility for those  receiving it and using ethical practices to get your message across. 

Many of the marketing materials that get put out into the world cater to a specific demographic. Skipping over the people of different gender identities, races, and abilities. 

Tailoring your marketing materials to resonate more inclusively and ethically not only allows your marketing to reach a wider audience. It is more sustainable for the planet as many of these changes often result in a smaller carbon footprint.

It puts people first and trusts that profit will follow. 

Sustainable marketing education allows individuals and businesses to be more aware of ways that they can lessen their physical and digital carbon footprint on our planet.

Marketing needs to be sustainable for the people managing it, as well as the people working in the business.

Everyone is at different levels in their business, and you need to be able to get practices that show your impact to your customers and clients without it feeling overwhelming. 

Each practice is tailored to the time and energy levels you have, and can be done at your pace.  

At the intersection of People, Planet and Balance is growth. 

Marketing is only helpful if it helps your profit grow.

Because profit in the right hands benefits the people and the planet.

Throughout this course, you’ll get strategies and ideas that will help you meet the financial needs of your business, and beyond.

You’ll get clear actionable steps to implement within your own business, your marketing team, or take to your employer to be an advocate.

Even if you were disciplined enough to slog through all of the misinformation online to locate and verify sustainable marketing practices, you won’t have these proven techniques specifically designed to fit your business.

Here’s more on what’s inside:

course mockup

The Green Marketing Foundational Education

Each section takes about 1 hour to complete and contains an actionable takeaway or exercise to help you work through building a sustainable marketing strategy unique to your business values and goals.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

(click the + for the full breakdown)

Understand how to target your message and become an advocate to get more people to buy green, conserve energy, and save the planet. 

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • – Dive into a brief history of green marketing
  • – Get the trick you need to avoid unintentionally greenwashing and purposewashing
  • – See the easy way to source your facts to share with the world (and how you can fact-check others, too!)
  • – Uncover the myths about green marketing consumers that you still believe

Think your online business is sustainable simply because you don’t use a lot of paper? Think again. 

Whether you’re an e-commerce brand, an online service-based business or a marketing professional, we’ll highlight the different areas of opportunity that are applicable to your business or role.

This section will help you see:

  • – Common misconceptions and assumptions most of the world makes about green marketing
  • – How your button clicks impact the environment, and what change we can all make to make a difference in our lifetime

Getting clear on your core values is crucial if you want to attract more like-minded leads for your business. Together, we will help you define and incorporate these into your brand identity.

Helping you…

  • – Solidify your Why so you can stop doing tasks and activities that don’t align with your purpose or move you forward
  • – Get the tips you need to establish your core values and evaluate the ones you have
  • – See how you can integrate sustainable branding into your business

Most traditional sales and marketing tactics aren’t always fair or inclusive to those that may need it the most. We’ll examine:

  • – Marketing tactics you’ll want to avoid
  • – How to integrate inclusivity into your marketing strategy
  • – The #1 way to audit your marketing and improve your accessibility

All types of businesses and people have a level of responsibility here. 

(Yes. Even you, service-based or online business owners)

See how you can sustain the planet and the communities in which we all live and:

  • – Discover the best eco-friendly paper stocks, inks, and printers for you
  • – Understand the life of design and marketing materials
  • – Get the Guidelines for Green Graphic Design
  • – See the # recommendations for office supplies and electronics that are built to last
  • – Reveal creative ways to repurpose what you already have to stretch it further
  • – Access the quick tips you can implement immediately to see an impact in a shared business space

Attracting the right people means using the right tone and messaging. You’ll see how you can increase conversions by:

  • – Attracting aligned leads and inquiries from your website and social media
  • – Stop the spam game with email marketing
  • – 14 blogging tips that will make you feel excited about writing again

While shifting our marketing practices to lessen the impact on our planet is of course a main focus of this course, the other priority is to make sure that we keep our own energy sustainable, whether we own or run a business or are part of a marketing team.

Uncover methods to protect your energy to prevent you from overcommitting to your green marketing strategy by…

  • – Learning the right boundaries for you and your business
  • – Leverage your top energy times with a routine that fits you
  • – Navigate overwhelm easily before it gets out of hand

A key element to maintain your commitment to sustainability is being able to measure and share your impact with your target audience.

You’ll see:

  • – How to create and publish your impact reports and practices
  • – Which third-party certifications will add credibility to your brand
  • – How to identify and select like-minded organizations with whom to collaborate and network

Applying the knowledge and tools that you’ve collected from the course, we’ll work together to craft your action plan into small, digestible steps.

Coming October 2022: Learn how you can use your voice to advocate for environmental justice and prevent landfills and pollution from continuing to effect our most vulnerable communities.


Ongoing Access + Community Support

It can be so difficult to find other businesses who are doing the same work toward sustainability that you are. I’ve often wished that I had a space where I could go to talk about issues, get advice, and collaborate with other businesses sharing my ideals. So, we created it.

The Green Marketing Community Slack Channel

This is a place for you to collaborate with other like-minded business owners and marketers. We share inspiration, articles, and resources that we’ve used and found valuable, that may be valuable to other businesses as well.

Access to LIVE and Recorded Expert Guest Masterclasses

In addition to the core topics covered in the course lessons, get access to our favorite industry experts and go even deeper into specific topics surrounding sustainability:

Past workshops include:
• Inclusive + Anti-Racist Marketing Practices
• Taking the Pledge for Ethical Marketing
• Automating your Email Marketing with H.E.A.R.T
• Green Packaging Design 101
• Partnership Networking and Collaboration
• Sustainably Streamlining Your Processes & Systems

More Kind Words from Past Students:

“Other group courses I’ve been in didn’t feel as energizing and transformative as this one because the topics discussed were very surface level, and we didn’t get to truly get to know each other as a group or ourselves on a deeper level. The GMA course was instrumental in helping me be more confident about engaging with my niche and truly believe in what I have to offer to them.”

-Iulia, Owner of Golden Branch Digital

“Before The Green Marketing Academy, I was trying to rebuild my brand by myself and felt like maybe it was too much for me. After taking the course, I was able to do a refresh of my website. It really helped me set myself up and figure out how to build my brand.”

-Rebecca Cruz, Marketing Strategist

“I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for this course, Michelle. I appreciate your encouragement / guidance to dig deep and do the foundational work – it’s not only given me clarity, it’s relit a fire in my belly. After allowing the lessons to sink in, I have now been able to connect the dots for my own business. It’s truly a great thing you’ve created here.”

-Estelle Hakner Copywriting

“We’re using the strategies we learned inside The Green Marketing Academy to help advise our clients. And they’re getting really good feedback on their content when we help them implement these sustainable practices.”

-Davey McConnell, Owner, The Eco Helper

The Impact Hub

Green Marketing Strategy + Action Plan Notion Templates

Get every piece of learning from the course in a succinct outline that allows you to review what you’ve learned and see everything you can implement from the course in one spot.

It takes the legwork and guesswork out of everything you’ve learned in the course and puts it all in a list of things that you can do over time to implement and achieve a sustainable marketing strategy.

There are also evaluation tools inside that help you organize your priorities based on your values and the time and energy you have available.

Business and Resource Directory

While we all want to put our money where it’ll make the biggest impact, it takes hours of research to discover sustainable businesses and products to invest in.  

So, I’ve done the work for you.

The Business and Resource Directory is a list of 100+ business tools and vendors that have already been vetted to ensure that they are in fact a sustainable business (and greenwash-free).

From printers to use, to certifications and different service providers — it’s all in there. 

Course Bonus Mockups

Green Marketing Certification

Earn your certification badge to show your commitment to implementing green marketing practices on your website, LinkedIn, etc. and build credibility with your audience

*Completion of knowledge checks and action plan submission and review required to earn your certification materials

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Impact Checklists

If having a complete list of to-dos feels overwhelming, we’ve broken each action item down to help you accomplish the tasks in the amount of time you have available. 

Remember, this is about more than sustaining the planet. 
This marketing strategy is designed to fit within your business structure to help you implement a marketing strategy that is sustainable energy-wise as well. 

“The Green Marketing Academy really sets you up to implement everything that you’ve learned right away. It’s all pulled into checklists for you to actually build out your marketing strategy. You get all the knowledge ahead of time set and your foundations, and then she gives you a plan that you get to customize.”

– Beth Henkes, Owner of The Idea Hound

Go from overwhelmed and uncertain to confident and prepared

With a sustainable strategy you can act on immediately.

After completing this course, you’ll have the tools to feel more confident and prepared when it comes to measuring and sharing your impact by…

Knowing exactly where you can start incorporating green marketing practices

Having the resources you need at your fingertips to reduce overwhelm and uncertainties about green marketing

• Incorporating green marketing strategies at little to no cost to your business (in most cases, saving money!)

• Using our ready-made templates to be able to plan and implement your strategies and action plans with ease

Component 8 – 1

The GMA would be a great fit for you if:

You don’t want to sign up for another course with a time limit, you’re eager to be a part of an ongoing community and receive long-term support
• You want to feel more confident and empowered, not burnt out and overwhelmed when it comes to building your marketing plan and strategy
• You have a keen interest in learning about more ways to help save our planet, whether you’re at the beginning or well on your on your sustainability journey
Marketing your business often feels stressful or it makes you feel icky about selling

Join marketing consultants and agencies, designers, copywriters, virtual assistants, event planners and e-commerce brands like you and increase your impact by building a sustainable marketing strategy.

Will you join us in the #greenmarketingmovement?

Join us and you'll receive:

• Immediate and ongoing access to 15+ hours of pre-recorded modules of education and hands-on workshops to craft your impact (We recommend a pace of doing 1 section a week for 8-10 weeks, which takes about 1 hour per week)

• Access to our private community for resource sharing and ongoing collaboration

Will resume Spring 2023. Monthly office hours (times will rotate to accommodate different times zones) to discuss specific topics and open time to get your questions answered

• Option to obtain your Green Marketing Certification* to help build credibility and show your commitment to implementing sustainable marketing practices (*Completion of knowledge checks and action plan required


 Quarterly networking events to meet, collaborate and connect with other students and alumni within the GMA community
• Ongoing access to future LIVE monthly workshop designed to deepen your knowledge in different areas of green marketing and sustainability
• Ongoing access to our Impact + Resource Hub (200+ tools and resources) to track and measure your strategy and impact

If you would rather start with the basics, check out our micro courses here

Have an entire team to train? See how we can work together here.

Pricing Transparency Statement: We’ve made this course as accessible as possible for those who want to learn about green marketing practices while being mindful of the time & expenses that it takes to keep this program sustainable as well as fairly compensating our team.

3% of all course sales support climate & social justice non-profit partners within:

Enroll and you’ll also get access to our upcoming live workshops:

Laura Hartley, Public Love Enterprises
Building a Business Beyond Capitalism

October 13, 2022 1:30-2:30 PT / 4:30-5:30PM ET / 7:30-8:30AM AEST

Jess Langley, The Colorful Jess
Pricing Your Services Sustainably

November 17, 2022 8:00-9:00AM PT /11:00AM-12:00PM ET / 4:00-5:00PM GMT

Moji Igun, Blue Daisi Consulting
Owning Our Individual Role in Social Change

December 8, 2022 8:00-9:00AM PT / 11:00AM-12:00PM ET / 4:00-5:00PM GMT

You’ll have ongoing access to the course and all future workshops (you paid for it, after all)

Here are the answers to your other questions:

The Green Marketing Academy is for anyone who needs to market a product or service to make a living — and wants to do it in a way that is sustainable to themselves, others, and the environment. 

Past students include copywriters, graphic and web designers, virtual assistants, and marketing strategists and consultants. 

We also offer corporate training for larger teams (.)

Good question! While most marketing courses focus on marketing trends and strategies solely designed to make a profit…

…We focus on foundational marketing practices designed to increase profit without sacrificing ethics and sustainability. 

Students learn how to market without manipulation, create a brand strategy that promotes commitment to people and the planet, and conserve resources even if you’re a company that needs to keep using paper to survive. 

Of course! While we do talk about ways to reuse materials and reduce waste in marketing, this course goes beyond that. 

From social media management to digital advertising, we’ll do a deep dive into all channels of marketing utilized by both product and service-based businesses in a wide range of industries. 

Our goal is that you develop a sustainable marketing strategy that feels and is in alignment with your business’s purpose.

Our live monthly guest speaker workshops are hosted once a month and are an hour long. Note: These will be resuming in Spring 2023!

They typically take place on Thursdays between 8AM – 3PM Pacific Time Zone

Each workshop is recorded and available for replay within the Green Marketing Academy Portal and is available for all members. 

We have a no-questions-asked 7-day refund window, as we want each student to have a chance to join the community and start working through the lessons. If for some reason, you’re finding that it isn’t a fit for you, you can reach out to us at  , and we will issue you a refund within the 7 day period.

Absolutely. Please reach out to us at with any questions and we’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.
Get Started on Your Green Marketing Plan Today

By next quarter, you could have a sustainable marketing plan that secures your spot as a leading company in the eco–conscious space for the long term.

It’s time to step up and align your marketing strategies with your values. With an actionable, sustainable marketing strategy tailored to your business.


The Green Marketing Academy provides education and training to help businesses shift their marketing practices to be more sustainable, accessible and inclusive.

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