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Our Partners

We’re proud to collaborate with and support the following organizations who align with our mission and vision.

The Anti-Greenwash Charter aims to combat greenwashing by encouraging organizations to adopt transparent, accountable, fair, and honest marketing practices regarding their sustainability efforts. Signatories commit to clearly communicating their environmental initiatives, substantiating claims with empirical evidence, and ensuring fair comparisons and specific promises about their sustainability efforts. The charter offers a structured process for organizations to become certified, including creating a Green Claims Policy and undergoing independent reviews, thereby promoting genuine sustainability and responsible marketing.

Blue Daisi Consulting offers guidance and support for businesses who want to find a healthier balance of people, planet, and profit by pursuing zero waste. They work alongside you to help you overcome information overload and analysis paralysis so you can focus on what you do best. You can rely on us to guide you forward in your journey to create a more sustainable future.

The Can Marketing Save the Planet? Podcast is a UK-based organization that sets out to explore the topic with a range of people and organisations; Marketers, senior leaders, CMOs, academics, sustainability consultants and experts. Our purpose through our training programmes, our consultancy projects and the conversations we continue to share is to drive education, share best practice, inspire and empower Marketers (and beyond), to start asking questions and importantly… to start taking action.

Sitting at the heart of brand, communications, stakeholders and product development – Marketers have a significant role to play when it comes to promoting and driving sustainability. As Marketers and business leaders developing and marketing products and services, we also need to recognise that we’re part of the problem. Responsible production and consumption is a key UN SDG we all need to be mindful of.

We are a community of impact-driven professions aligned by their desire to bring about a better world and activated by their belief that the best solutions come from working together toward a common cause. This is where impact-driven leaders find their spark!

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