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Impact Reporting Templates + Guidance for Service-Based Solopreneurs

Step-by-step guidance to create a report that builds credibility and communicates your impact

Knowing where to start when it comes to building an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report can feel overwhelming, especially for small businesses.

Not to mention, it requires an average investment upwards of $2,000.

That’s why we’ve come up with a more affordable way for service-based solopreneurs to be able to:

  • Access ready-to-use reporting templates that can easily be updated with your company branding 
  • Know where to go to easily collect data and calculate your carbon footprint and offsets
  • Provide more transparency into the steps you are taking to make a difference
  • The option to have live access to personalized support with an ESG Consultant
  • Gain clarity on your future impact goals and how to reach them
a gif of the green marketing academy's sustainability impact report

What You’ll Get:

  •  A fully customizable, 20-page report template that is pre-populated with all image and text placeholders
  • Page-by-page video walkthroughs that guide you how to collect, organize and present the information included on each page
  • An option to join our future LIVE Build Workshops so that you can get personalized guidance, ask questions and feel confident about publishing your report
  • Access to our Impact Hub, with hundreds of tools, resources and other businesses who are committed to sustainable business practices

Meet Your Creators:

taylor stirling owner and lead environmental social governance consultant at stirling sustainability
Taylor Stirling | Owner & Lead ESG Consultant, Stirling Sustainability​

Taylor began her consulting practice in mid-2022 after seeing so many entrepreneurs and corporate teams struggle with environmental communications, climate risk analysis, and adopting sustainable operations.

She’s here to help you create a robust sustainable business strategy through detailed ESG reports, intentional goal-setting, and clarity in your ESG-oriented marketing. She has eight years of combined ESG education and career experience, and in a rapidly evolving industry, she is well-poised to adapt to the changing expectations and trends within the sustainability space.

Her goal is to keep the communities we care about resilient in the face of a sometimes scary future, and ensure that your business can navigate these challenges for years to come.

sustainable marketing teacher and expert michelle miller
Michelle Miller | Founder of The Green Marketing Academy™

Michelle Miller is the Owner & Creative Director of Minty Made, a sustainable marketing studio and the Founder of The Green Marketing Academy™, an education, training and certification platform that helps businesses, marketing professionals and teams adopt sustainable, ethical and inclusive marketing practices. 

Prior to running her branding and web design studio, Michelle spent over a decade in corporate marketing and sales. During this time, she witnessed how much waste was produced and how many unnecessary dollars were spent on ineffective marketing methods that also had a detrimental effect on the planet. Not to mention, the constant burnout that came along with this environment. 

Her goal is to help spread knowledge and share her experience on what we can do differently to grow a profitable business, lessen our impact and keep our own energy sustainable as professionals, marketing teams and business owners.