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How to Stop Receiving Unwanted Junk Mail

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Even if you’ve got a big sticker on your postbox telling people that you don’t want to receive junk mail, you can still receive a lot of unwanted flyers. Here’s how you can stop receiving unwanted junk mail and save countless trees in the process!

The stats around junk mail

As well as being a bit of a nuisance, receiving physical junk mail has a big footprint on the environment. According to The Washington Post, if you held onto all the junk mail you received in a year, it would weigh around 41 pounds. About 42% of junk mail actually ends up going into landfills before it’s even opened, and the production of junk mail has the same carbon footprint as 9 million vehicles. (Link)

So, trying to reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail you receive will help the planet as well as your household!

Update your preferences with the Data Marketing Association

If you’re in the US or UK the majority of your junk mail is sent by an organisation called the Data Marketing Association (DMA). You are able to update your preferences on their website and opt out of any or all mail marketing materials, which should hugely reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

Unsubscribe piece by piece

If you’re outside of those countries or looking for an even more effective way to stop junk mail, then be prepared to do it the long way! Unsubscribing as and when you receive junk mail in the post might seem daunting, but if you dedicate 5-10 minutes to it a few times a week, it’ll easily become a habit.

You can do this by visiting the website of the company that you’ve received the flyer/mail from, and opt out of their communications. They legally have to have this option on their website,

There’s also an app called Paper Karma that allows you to unsubscribe to junk mail by simply taking a picture of the mail and uploading it to the app! This could help speed up your unsubscribing rates even more.

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