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Courses + Workshops

From our live cohort to self-paced lessons to in-person training, we offer a variety of ways to learn about sustainable marketing

The Green Marketing Academy™

Course + Certification

Sustainable marketing education for professionals, marketing teams, and business owners looking to grow a profitable and ethically-focused business — complete with done-for-you checklists, templates, community support, live coaching calls, and guest speakers.

This course covers the following topics: 

  • What is Green Marketing?
  • Green Marketing by Business Type (Product, Service, Storefront)
  • Core Values + Sustainable Branding Strategies
  • Ethical and Accessible Marketing Strategies
  • Printing and Packaging for the Planet
  • Designing and Building Greener Websites
  • Sustainable Copy & Messaging
  • The Role of AI in Green Marketing
  • Protecting Your Energy
  • Intersectionality in Marketing
  • Transparency and Commitment to Your Goals
  • Creating Your Strategy and Action Plan

Our self-paced course enrollment is currently open

a preview of what's included in the green marketing academy course
Other Courses + Education

Interested in other ways to learn and implement sustainable marketing practices? Check out the other ways that we can help you or your team make an impact with a smaller footprint.

a young woman interested in green marketing working on her laptop on a sunny day
Self-Paced Course + Certification

We offer a variety of learning formats from online courses, in-person workshops along with free resources and ways to learn about sustainable marketing at your own pace.

a smart businesswoman teaching a group of marketers about green marketing principles and tactics
Custom Training + Workshops

Personalized training in a variety of formats, customized for your marketing team or small business to help you implement a strategy and action plan that works for you.

michelle miller founder of the green marketing academy and minty made presenting in front of a room of business owners
Networking + Events

Learn how to establish or refine sustainable boundaries and lay out a manageable action plan that allows you to feel confident in setting them.

Impact Reporting

Knowing where to start and collecting the right data to build an annual impact report can often feel overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Developed in partnership with Stirling Sustainability Consulting, we’ve developed ready-to-use templates and workshops to guide you through building a customized report for your business.